People and Culture

People & culture

At SharkNinja, we move fast because the consumer market waits for no one. We are obsessed with quality, innovation, design, and functionality. We build products that are thoughtful and purposeful, because that’s what consumers demand.

We will encourage and empower you to create the best and most innovative work of your life. You will have the opportunity to grow, and you will see the tangible results of your hard work every day. We will invest in your success; we take your career acceleration very seriously here.

We’re incredibly proud of the outstanding team we’ve built, and we’re as dedicated to each employee’s career as as they are to the company’s success. We have grown our business by growing our people.


Success qualities

Inspired and inspiring

Have a passion to make an impact and translate it to others

Standing for growth in oneself and others

Everyone must grow to be successful

Having an entrepreneurial spirit—and mindset

Have a “make it happen” way of thinking

Challenge and be challenged

Ability to ask tough questions and the openness to being challenged

Being real and authentic

Build trust, act with integrity, and show humility


SharkNinja’s incredible growth over the past decade has been led by a visionary executive team helmed by our CEO and President.

Mark Rosenzweig


About SharkNinja

SharkNinja is a pioneer in small household appliances and cleaning solutions that fit the lifestyles of busy people.

By providing highly functional, innovative products, SharkNinja has rapidly carved out a significant market share in the housewares industry, becoming one of the leading companies in this sector. From cutting-edge, market-leading vacuums to high-quality at-home coffee systems, SharkNinja products positively impact people's lives every day in every home around the world.

SharkNinja started out in Montreal, Canada and has since settled in Needham, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.

Mark Rosenzweig is the Founder of SharkNinja.

Mark Barrocas


Executive team

Brian Lagarto

Chief People & Strategy Officer, EVP

Neil Shah

Chief Commercial Officer, EVP

James Braithwaite

Executive Vice President, Engineering

David Stevenson

Chief Financial Officer, EVP

Pedro J. Lopez-Baldrich

Chief Legal Officer, EVP