Director, Brand Marketing (Shark) | Brand Marketing

What makes your position at SharkNinja unique?
Shark consumers are fanatical about the brand. They’ve given the brand permission to “stretch” and become an even bigger presence in their lives. To be one of a handful of people responsible for the growth and evolution of such a high-potential brand is unique – and exciting.
What is your personal theme song?
“One Shining Moment” by Luthor Vandross … aka the song they play when the Final Four ends … “But time is short and the road is long. In the blinking of an eye, ah, that moment’s gone. And when it’s done, win or lose, you always did your best, cuz inside you knew… (that) One Shining Moment, you reached deep inside, One Shining Moment, you knew you were alive.” (If you don’t tear up during that song, you may have no soul.)
Tell us three things most people don’t know about you.
  1. I wake up at 4:15am every day
  2. I own a mini-van
  3. I love CrossFit

*I wake up at 4:15am every morning, then drive my mini-van to CrossFit
What is your proudest moment to date at SharkNinja?
Leading the cross-functional “Retail Experience” team during HackWeek to deliver a breakthrough shelf and .com retail reinvention. The time pressure was intense. The challenge was significant. But the team was amazing - we pulled together (just in time) to deliver a consumer-inspired solution and practical execution plan.
What is your favorite SharkNinja product and why?
The Rotator® Powered Lift-Away Speed™ vacuum: incredible cleaning power, small size/lightweight … and it gets under tables, couches, beds. C’mon, there’s no chance those parts of my house are getting cleaned if I have to move furniture.
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Nearly all of my time outside of work is spent with my family – my wife and three kids. We have fun together no matter what we do (although making Dubsmash videos with the kids and watching trashy reality TV with my wife might top the list).