Test Engineer | Quality

What makes your position at SharkNinja unique?
Being part of the testing team within SharkNinja allows me to work on every single Shark product.
What is your personal theme song?
Regulators - Nate Dogg and Warren G
Tell us three things most people don’t know about you.
  1. I go to anime conventions.
  2. I play the drums.
  3. I have brewed my own beer.
What is your proudest moment to date at SharkNinja?
A test I worked on was selected to be put on a product’s box. So now I can go into a Walmart or Target and say, “I did that!”
What is your favorite SharkNinja product and why?
I enjoy the NV500. It was the first swivel and headlight vacuum I have ever had. Not to mention the Lift-Away® feature is new and innovative.
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I am a big gamer, both video and board games. Being surrounded by friends and family is one of the more important aspects of my life and has always been a key motivator when moving forward.