Senior Financial Analyst | FP&A

What makes your position at SharkNinja unique?
Our team is not a traditional FP&A team. We actively engage with the business on day-to-day operations & key projects that span beyond our typical roles. The ability to see the work from these projects & initiatives transpire into actions/results in the real world is truly the most rewarding part of the job. SharkNinja moves swiftly in order to keep consumers satisfied and engaged which means there is never a dull moment or lack of challenges to keep me motivated!
What is your personal theme song?
New York, New York – Frank Sinatra
Tell us three things most people don’t know about you.
  1. I am one of seven children, second youngest – with 67 first cousins.
  2. I have a scar on the back of my head from trying to land a backflip off of my bunkbed when I was a child.
  3. My graduating class in high school had 47 students.
What is your proudest moment to date at SharkNinja?
My proudest moment at SharkNinja was just after my first new product launch cycle with the company. What I found most enjoyable was being involved in key conversations around the development of the product prior to mass production & working with Marketing & Engineering every week – It was such a great feeling to finally seeing the actual products in the market & hearing enthusiastic feedback from family/ friends who were using the product.
What is your favorite SharkNinja product and why?
Shark® Rocket® with DuoClean™ Technology (HV380) – it is fantastic & easy to use, cleaning both carpets & hard floors!!
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I enjoy travelling to new places. In fact I just had the opportunity to travel to Shanghai for work & it was a terrific experience. I am an avid movie-goer, romantic comedies are a must! I enjoy visiting family & hanging out with my nieces & nephews...