VP Product Development, Motorized | Ninja Engineering

What makes your position at SharkNinja unique?
Since I first joined SharkNinja I found having an entrepreneurial approach is mandatory and personally I love it! This culture makes my days exciting & challenging while enabling me to have far greater impact both at home and at work.
What is your personal theme song?
I have a two-year-old son and a three-week-old daughter so I find now I have a demanding audience for my terrible singing voice… The Lion King’s Hakuna Matata is my son’s current bedtime favorite!
Tell us three things most people don’t know about you.
I was the under 12 chess champion in Berkshire, the county where I grew up in England (I tend to keep that quiet!).

While at university I used to earn money busking as well as performing in nightclubs by juggling and breathing fire (also doesn’t come up in conversation a lot!).

I love watersports although now it is limited to swimming lessons and bath times with my children – I still love that too and can’t wait to take them out in the ocean!
What is your proudest moment to date at SharkNinja?
For me it can’t be defined in one moment, but I’ve been fortunate to lead the London team since from the beginning. I am immensely proud of the individuals there and what they have accomplished as well as for the wider teams they work alongside.

I now have part of our Shenzhen team reporting to me, a team that was already a powerhouse. I am proud to say that, with the help of the leadership based there, I am now able to reach beyond London and truly start building out a world class global organization.

It amazes me to be honest, but it is 100% down to the people I’m lucky enough to work alongside.
What is your favorite SharkNinja product and why?
My Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ blender, BL480. I was a smoothie junkie before I started at SharkNinja and still love how simple yet devastatingly effective this product is for my smoothie fix.
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
My two young children keep me particularly busy outside of work now and I love every moment with them. Personally; I love keeping fit, outdoor sports and travelling. I’ve been fortunate to visit around 30 countries and work in a dozen of those – a tally I hope to keep increasing!