Brand Manager (Ninja) | Brand Marketing

What makes your position at SharkNinja unique?
It’s amazing to have such influence and impact on the future of our brands. I love driving our identity, our equity and what we stand for in the minds of our consumers. At SharkNinja I have the freedom to think big, try new things and evolve unlike I have ever experienced at other companies.
What is your personal theme song?
What it is – Mark Knopfler
Tell us three things most people don’t know about you.
  1. I love to draw in my free time.
  2. I love competing in triathlons
  3. I love yard work (some people find this strange)
What is your proudest moment to date at SharkNinja?
It’s hard to pick one moment. I find it extremely rewarding to see advertising, products and consumer communication in market that are excelling that I helped craft and shape. I take pride in what we achieve and how people interact with us.
What is your favorite SharkNinja product and why?
Ninja Coffee Bar® System (CF097). I love it because I helped launch it, but also because it has completely changed the way I experience coffee.
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Hanging with my family – wife, two kids, dog and a cat.
DIY/renovation projects. We bought a fixer-upper and I have had a blast renovating it from top to bottom.